The tote bag. I feel like it first came on the scene as reusable grocery bags but they have evolved into so much more. Their canvas body makes them durable, washable and versatile.
Totes can now be used for shopping, as a purse, gym bag, work bag, beach name it. They come in all sorts of shapes, colors and prints and you can never have too many. I have a giant box filled with tote bags and I use every single one of them for various things. 


Keleigh's Boutique has a plethora of totes in all shapes and sizes. Here are a few featured on our website:

We have many more in store that suit everyone's taste and style. So next time you're in the market for that perfect bag to tote around your belongings check out Keleigh's tote stash!


July 05, 2017 by Nicole Coppack

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