You say Kimono, I say Summer Staple!

If you haven't got yourself a kimono, wrap, shawl or whatever you want to call is the time to do so. 

You know why this is one of my wardrobe must haves? Because its comfy, versatile and turns a dull outfit into something wonderful! 

Let's talk about comfort. All of the wraps shown above are lightweight and made with super soft material. It's almost like throwing a blanket on over your shoulders but looking stylish at the same time. To me, this feature alone is priceless...

Next is the versatility! Throw it on over a tank and bottoms, over a dress or even as a beach cover up! You can practically wear it with whatever outfit you please. It is the perfect accessory...

Lastly, don't feel like putting effort into your outfit today? Just want to put on your favorite washed out jeans and worn out t-shirt? No problem! Throw one of these bad boys over it and you'll look like a stylist dressed you...

Stop by or the store for this summer savior! 

June 07, 2017 by Nicole Coppack

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