Most women fall into four different body types- the Banana, Apple, Pear & Hourglass. If you're not sure which one you are take a look at the photo below to see which figure best describes your body! Luckily in today's world we are not short of options and there are clothes to fit and flatter every body shape! Here at Keleigh's Boutique we carry clothes that fit each and every body type. Below are some dress ideas for you bananas, apples, pears and hourglasses!

If you happen to be a banana, you want to find a dress that is going to create curves for you. This dress with the mesh mid section is perfect in doing just that! The flared out bottom also creates volume in all the right places. Comes in black and off-white!


If you're an apple you want to show off those legs and flatter your arms. The lace detail on these sleeves is perfect!

If you're a pear you want to minimize your bottom and show off your smaller top and midsection. This halter floral shift dress is the perfect option!

And if you're an hourglass you want to show off that Beyonce waist! A fit and flare option is perfect for your figure. This lace dress with 3/4 sleeves hugs you in all the right places and comes in multiple colors!


Whichever shape you are, you're beautiful and it's time to show off those gorgeous assets! You can shop these dresses in store or at under dresses. 

April 21, 2017 by Nicole Coppack

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