Professional Teeth Whitening

NOVA LITE LLC is a product and development company and worldwide provider of non-invasive medical and aesthetic devices, and has developed the BriteWhite Teeth Whitening System®.  BriteWhite is the first chair-side professional teeth whitening system made available to spas and med spas and carries an extensive line of teeth whitening devices and products.

Unlike laser, plasma light, halogen or ultraviolet, this exciting technology utilizes cool Blue Light Emitting Diodes to activate the custom blended gel; attacking discolorations without effecting the pulp or softening the enamel.

BriteWhite Teeth Whitening System® treats the entire front and back teeth by inserting the mouth plate directly inside the mouth during the treatment time, without the need for cheek retractors, rubber dams, or goggles.  This method of teeth bleaching prevents the gels from oxidizing, as with other out-side-the mouth devices.


Is the BriteWhite procedure difficult?

  • No its is as simple as 1, 2 ,3…. That’s what makes it perfect for The Beauty Bar
  • No Dehydration to the gums
  • Whitens Upper and Lower teeth at the same time
  • Non-invasive
  • Non-laser
  • No need for “Hot” peroxides
  • User Friendly
  • Light is “NEVER” out- of-focus
  • No replacement bulbs
  • Multiple mouthpieces with one device
  • No cheek retractors, rubber dams, bibs or goggles
  • Usually a package of five procedures delivers the wanted results. Sometimes even less!