Introducing The BOUTIQUE BOX!

Keleigh's own version of a Box of Goodies sent to you for a sign up fee of only $25 per year!  How the Boutique Box Works:

Your Initial Boutique Box:

A beautiful box of Our Absolute Favorite items (four to five) of that particular season are curated and sent to you a minimum of three times per year.

If you decide you love the items (which we just know you will!) and purchase a minimum of two of the pieces, we will apply your $25 sign up fee to redeem towards your order.

If you decide the items are not exactly what you are looking for, simply return them, no purchase is required.  Please keep in mind the $25 sign up fee non-refundable.

If you realize these boxes are amazing then you can text, email or call and let us know you want more.

After you receive the first box, you will receive a questionnaire and we, together, through the website, phone calls, the store or even your home, we will create your unique style box made just for you and your individual taste and wants.  

What sets us apart from the other "Styling Companies" is the personalized service you will receive.  Through a pic on Instagram, a torn out page of a magazine, or your favorite celebrity and/or all the other many ways there are in this modern ever changing world we live in, we can figure out who you are and what your personal style is.  We promise you, whether you already consider yourself a Fashionista or feel you need a little (or a lot) of help, we will get there.  Together.