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We are busy.  Meaning you, me and every other woman that I know.  With that said, Skin Care at The Beauty Bar is what you’ve been waiting for.  Twenty minutes and you’re finished and refreshed and on your way to more beautiful skin!
My name is Kelly Steigler, I'm a licensed Aesthetician through the State of New York. Graduating from S.U.N.Y. Oswego (go Lakers) in 1996, I landed a job in Manhattan in the communications industry, only two weeks post college.  After a year, I knew I couldn’t live my life at a desk, so I enrolled at Christine Valmy School of Aesthetics.  After completing my training, an opportunity arose to work in publishing for a magazine.  Two and a half years later (another desk job with dreams of working up the corporate ladder to be Beauty Editor at Allure) I knew once again I couldn’t do it.  Beauty Industry, watch out, my feet hit the pavement: turbo mode.  I have worked every aspect in the business of beautification.  Skin (my first love),  Make-Up, Hair Care, Nail Care: you name it.  From Sales to Education, I did it all, but my favorite was caring for your skin and mine.  After working for everybody else, you name the company I most likely worked for them in some capacity, I decided to do it myself, on my own terms, and my way.  My first company I started, The Dermitory, was an educational overload on skin care and skin services.  Learning that the simple facial just wasn’t cutting it for my clients, I went into research mode.  Below, are the best options,  that I feel do the most help for the skin, in the shortest amount of time.  I call it the “Skin Express”.  Here is what we offer: services at a FLAT FEE that will not break the bank.  For an additional lesser fee, you can add on another one of our other services during the same appointment (see below).  Here is the breakdown: 


Packages available! Buy five get sixth service free. Inquire at your next visit.

Microdermabrasion: 15 minute session $50
Chemical Peels: 15 minute session $50
L.E.D. Therapy: (time varies for each concern) $50
Teeth Whitening: 20 minute session $50
Oxygen Facials: 15 minute session $50
Micro-Needling: 15 minute session $50
Micro-Current: 15 minute session $50

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These services tackle every skin concern there is.  Acne, Scarring, Dry Skin, Discoloration, Dull Skin, Rough Skin, Sagging Skin, Loss of Collagen, Fine Lines and Deep Lines.

If you want to purchase a package of five sessions (multiple sessions give you the best results), the fifth session is free.

If you want to add on a session of another procedure at the same appointment, the second session will only be an additional $38 (an Oxygen Facial is highly recommended as a finishing touch).

You are in, you are out. No Fluff. No highway robbery.

Skin Care Product and Color Product also available for purchase.  Let us help pick out what is right for you.


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