We are two moms (Kelly & Leigh) who met at our son's pre-school, the stars aligned and we were hooked.  After a couple of years, and countless career comparisons, we realized we NEEDED to go back to work, and do it together.  We knew we worked well as a team, (handling three years of nursery school together is not as easy as it sounds) and we knew our careers were in the same area. 

So what did we do, you ask?  We didn’t quite know at first either.  But then it hit us.  A one stop woman’s fantasy shop.  Once we decided that was our mission, the more we talked, the more obligated we felt.  We needed to for: our families, our sanity, our love of our past careers, and of course helping our fellow warriors, WOMEN (mothers or not).  We love being moms and wives and we are pretty good at it; but then the kids were a little older, getting settled, growing and thriving, we were ready.  We were ready to combine our knowledge of everything women love and share it (because we are not those selfish types who hide all their fab finds and keep it to themselves).  We missed making women and the occasional man feel confident, sexy and empowered.  We missed the laughter and fun which is the best part of it all.  How the perfect jeans can change your life; or watching your wrinkles (which you’ve earned ladies, you should be proud) plump and soften, or finding that perfect lipstick you’ve been searching for your whole life.  It’s all right here. 

With a combined 32 (OMG) years in the beauty and fashion industries, your help has arrived.  Keleigh’s Boutique and Beauty Bar is here and we are ready to support you in any way we can.  Shop, play, get your groove back and be your best self; we are open for business.  From clothes, to skin care, to make-up: we can be there for you, and we’ve all been there ladies. 

For services we offer please see the options up at the top. 

We can’t wait to share this journey with you!


Kelly and Leigh